Compendium of Regional Anesthesia

What will you learn?

  • Spinal, epidural, and nerve block procedures and management protocols
  • How to perform over 60 nerve blocks, with step-by-step instructions on anatomy, indications, technique, choice of local anesthetic, and more.
  • The ultimate tips by key opinion leaders on how to succeed every single time.
  • The practical side of regional anesthesia, and how to instantly introduce new blocks to your practice.

“As an author of several bestselling books in anesthesiology, I have always been frustrated with by the limitations of the format of books and ebooks. Learning regional anesthesia and ultrasound relies on visuals, animations, and videos which the book/ebook format doesn’t allow.

Besides, by the time a book is published – it’s already outdated and can’t be updated with new information.” – says Dr. Admir Hadzic.

This is why we created the NYSORA Learning System, and built everything you need to know about RA in The Compendium of Regional Anesthesia.

In the Compendium, the information is enriched with as many visuals, animations, and videos as necessary for faster comprehension and knowledge retention. Plus, we added a note-taking tool so that you can keep all additional information in one place, and a community for information-sharing so that it never feels like you’re learning alone.

Experience the Compendium on the NYSORA LMS, and you’ll never go back to your old books.

  • Access on any device
  • Real-time updates
  • All regional anesthesia procedures and management protocols
  • Step-by-step technique instructions
  • NYSORA’s fabled functional regional anatomy illustrations and animations
  • Reverse ultrasound anatomy videos used in lectures worldwide
  • Teaching collections of clinical videos
  • Collection of Infographics for exam preparation (e.g. EDRA)
  • A mobile app

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Head and Neck Nerve Blocks
Neuraxial Anesthesia and Other Special Techniques
Blocks for the Upper Extremity
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