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Compendium of Regional Anesthesia
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Learn regional and earn CME credits from the comfort of your home. NYSORA’s six CME-accredited online courses cover the techniques and study material used at NYSORA’s fabled workshops.

CME COURSE – Fascial Plane Blocks for Abdomen and Hip
CME COURSE – Lower Extremity Blocks Part I
CME COURSE – Lower Extremity Blocks Part II
CME COURSE – Thoracic Fascial Plane Blocks
CME COURSE – Upper Extremity Blocks Part I
CME COURSE – Upper Extremity Blocks Part II
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Unique courses for visual learning created by NYSORA

Find over 60 lessons covering more than 700 different topics on all aspects of regional anesthesia, pain medicine and MSK Ultrasound for Knee Diagnostic


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The NYSORA LMS is a goal-oriented system accessible from your computer, tablet, or via mobile app. With the NYSORA LMS system, you can choose highly relevant, always updated courses where you can:
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any questions? Write us a message!

    The NYSORA LMS is the learning platform with all of NYSORA’s premium educational content, such as the Compendium of Regional Anesthesia, CME courses, ultrasound, MSK, and more. Accessible anywhere, on any device. To keep the content on free, the educational products on the NYSORA LMS are subscription-based.

    Think of the Compendium of Regional Anesthesia as a comprehensive guidebook on everything regional anesthesia from A to Z, including spinal, epidural, nerve blocks, ultrasound, perioperative management, ERAS protocols, and more.
    NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks Manual is, as the name implies, a collection of detailed descriptions of Nerve Block techniques, richly illustrated in a blend of art and medicine. However, it contains none of the neuraxial techniques and perioperative management featured in the Compendium.
    NYSORA’s Nerve Blocks app, on the other hand, is the most practical reference guide to ultrasound-guided nerve blocks. Think of it as NYSORA’s skinny version, made for use at the point of care.

    This is a tough one. We advise getting all three of them for a complete use, as they are not mutually exclusive. A more practical way to think about these three hugely popular educational products by NYSORA is:
    The Compendium serves as a large, comprehensive textbook.
    The Nerve Blocks Manual is, as suggested, a manual, with all things focusing only on nerve blocks.
    The Nerve Blocks app is a highly condensed, practical tool for use at point of care as a refresher and teaching.
    If you’re passionate and interested in all things regional anesthesia, you would benefit from all three.

    NYSORA is an educational organization focusing on anesthesia, pain, ultrasound and MSK medicine. Since its creation in 1995, NYSORA has been contributing to education and advancement in the science and practice of anesthesiology. is read by 4M readers annually.

    Yes! Some NYSORA content is available in other languages. As an example, NYSORA’s hugely popular Nerve Blocks app, featured on the App Store and Google Play, is available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, alongside English.

    The content on has been and remains a free educational resource. Therefore, there is no need to subscribe or unsubscribe from

    The NYSORA Compendium, Nerve Blocks Manual, and Nerve Blocks app contain thousands of images, illustrations, animations, and videos. The production of this content required an army of illustrators, designers, video makers, animators, and IT specialists. Your subscription helps the continuous production and improvement of the content and helps practitioners in remote locations access for free.